Join the Kindhearted Movement

Kindhearted Cards empowers kids to share messages of tolerance through cute but impactful Valentine’s Day cards.

There’s so much going on right now that we can’t control. But we can easily be kind to those around us by actively embracing our differences instead of attacking them. After all, they're what make us awesome! 

Help us spread the love this Valentine’s Day. 

How to get involved

Print out the cards and cut them out. Boom! They're ready to give out for Valentine's Day.

• Engage in meaningful conversations with your kids about all kinds of differences. We've provided some resources for teachers and parents

• Get social. Whether it's a picture of kids bonding over these cards or of a Kindhearted Card they created, we'd love to see them. Tag us @kindheartedcards on Instagram or email us at kindheartedcards@gmail.com


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